Type: Chapter

Advances in wheat breeding techniques


Alison Bentley


Ian Mackay


Publication date:

31 July 2016

ID: 9781786760166-005

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Wheat production must be increased to meet growing demand, making it critical to increase the rate of genetic gain in wheat breeding. This chapter reviews the suit of core breeding methodologies currently applied, including methods proposed and employed for their advancement. It also discusses technologies, including genomic selection, F1 hybrids, genetic engineering, gene editing and mutation breeding, which, although not all new, offer exciting opportunities to advance wheat breeding.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Pedigree selection and SSD
3 Doubled haploids
4 Bulk breeding and backcross breeding
5 Advanced breeding methods: F1 hybrid breeding
6 MAS and mapping
7 Genomic selection
8 Genetic engineering, gene and genome editing
9 Mutation breeding
10 Case study: RABID
11 Summary and future trends
12 Where to look for further information
13 References