Type: Chapter

Developments in the system of rice intensification (SRI)

Author Norman Uphoff

Cornell University

Publication date:

31 July 2016

ID: 9781786760289-007

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The system of rice intensification (SRI) is a combination of management practices developed in Madagascar some 30 years ago to make the cultivation of irrigated rice more productive. This chapter reviews how the SRI has evolved over the past 15 years as its efficacy has been demonstrated in over 50 countries. It reviews the ways in which SRI thinking and practice have developed as a result of farmer experience and scientific research, offering higher factor productivity, increased food security and poverty reduction, with more sustainability and climate-resilience in rice production. This review shows how SRI ideas and practices continue to evolve and even have effects beyond irrigated rice production to improve productivity for rain-fed rice and other crops.

Table of contents

1 Introduction: understanding the protean nature of SRI
2 The evolution of SRI: from practices to principles to fundamentals
3 The spread of SRI to other countries and crops and overall effects
4 Contributions of SRI to achieving climate-smart agriculture
5 Developments in SRI methodology
6 Assessing SRI yields
7 SRI in relation with other production systems
8 Summary and future trends
9 Where to look for further information
10 References