Type: Chapter

Integrated pest management in tomato cultivation


Robert L. Gilbertson

University of California, Davis

Marcela Vasquez-Mayorga

University of California, Davis

Mônica Macedo

University of California, Davis

R. Muniappan

Virginia Tech

Publication date:

17 May 2017

ID: 9781786760401-020

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Pests and diseases contribute to about 40% of tomato yield loss in the field worldwide. This chapter will focus on how to combat pests and diseases using integrated pest management (IPM). The development of an IPM package for tomato involves the combination of multiple management strategies to address various pests and diseases, and will vary with region, production system and environment. For this chapter, we divide production into three parts: before the growing season, during the growing season and after the growing season. We present the major management strategies that are used during these parts of production, as well as the ones that are used for different production systems and, where relevant, environmental conditions.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Integrated pest management (IPM): overview
3 IPM techniques before the growing season
4 IPM techniques during the growing season
5 Technologies targeting pests that can be used before and during the growing season
6 IPM techniques after the growing season
7 Diagnostics and monitoring for diseases
8 Conclusion and future trends
9 Where to look for further information
10 Acknowledgements
11 References