Type: Chapter

Control of infectious diseases in dairy cattle


Wendela Wapenaar

University of Nottingham

Simon Archer

University of Nottingham

John Remnant

University of Nottingham

Alan Murphy

Minster Veterinary Practice

Publication date:

07 August 2017

ID: 9781786760524-022

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This chapter describes the developments to control infectious diseases in the dairy cattle industry, and outlines recent research in this area. A risk analysis approach is presented as a framework for managing infectious diseases at global and farm level. Disease hazards, and the release and exposure of these, are also discussed. The importance of disease detection, the use of diagnostic tests, their appropriate interpretation and surveillance are highlighted. The range of impacts of infectious diseases on the dairy industry is described and guidelines to estimate and evaluate risks of infectious diseases are provided. In addition, the challenges around successful implementation and effective communication of risk management on dairy farms are reviewed.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 The impact of infectious diseases
3 Principles of risk assessment and management
4 Hazard and risk identifi cation
5 Risk assessment and evaluation
6 Risk management
7 Risk communication
8 Ensuring effective implementation
9 Trends in infectious disease control strategies
10 Conclusion
11 Where to look for further information
12 Abbreviations
13 References