Type: Chapter

Viral metagenomics and sugarcane pathogens


Philippe Roumagnac


Dimitre Mollov


Jean-Heinrich Daugrois


Denis Filloux


Publication date:

05 March 2018

ID: 9781786761484-008

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Plant viral metagenomics has recently proved effective for studying the collection of plant viruses. The advent of metagenomics-based approaches has led to the discovery and characterization of new plant viruses. This chapter describes the plant virus metagenomics methods developed during the last decade and their application in sugarcane pathology. The chapter includes recent studies that have used viral metagenomics-based approaches both to detect existing viruses and identify new viruses. It also looks at the use of these techniques to study the genetic diversity of viruses such as the sugarcane yellow leaf virus.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Detecting the multi-segmented Ramu stunt virus
3 Discovery of a new sugarcane mastrevirus using viral metagenomics
4 Study of the genetic diversity of Sugarcane yellow leaf virus
5 Computational identification of plant viruses from metagenomics-based datasets
6 Challenges of metagenomics research
7 Future application of metagenomics to plant diagnostics, myth or reality?
8 Acknowledgements
9 References