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Achieving sustainable production of poultry meat Volume 1 Safety, quality and sustainability


Dr Steven Ricke is the Donald ‘Buddy’ Wray Chair in Food Safety and Director of the Center for Food Safety in the Institute of Food Science and Engineering at the University of Arkansas, USA. His awards include the University of Arkansas John White Outstanding Research Award, the Poultry Science Research Award and the American Egg Board Award, as well as being named an Arkansas Association for Food Protection Fellow, for his outstanding contributions to food safety research.



Publication date:

31 December 2016

Length of book:

502 pages

ISBN-13: 9781786760647



To meet growing demand, the FAO has estimated that world poultry production needs to grow by 2-3% per year to 2030. Much of the increase in output already achieved has been as a result of improvements in commercial breeds combined with rearing in more intensive production systems. However, more intensive systems and complex supply chains have increased the risk of rapid transmission of animal diseases and zoonoses. Consumer expectations of sensory and nutritional quality have never been higher. At the same time consumers are more concerned about the environmental impact of poultry production as well as animal welfare.

Drawing on an international range of expertise, this book reviews research on safety, quality and sustainability issues in poultry production. Part 1 discusses risks from pathogens, detection and safety management on farms and in slaughterhouse operations. Part 2 looks at ways of enhancing the flavour, colour, texture and nutritional quality of poultry meat. Finally, the book reviews the environmental impact of poultry production and ways it can be minimised.

Achieving sustainable production of poultry meat Volume 1: Safety, quality and sustainability will be a standard reference for poultry and food scientists in universities, government and other research centres and companies involved in poultry production. It is accompanied by two further volumes which review poultry breeding, nutrition, health and welfare.

Key features

  • Reviews latest research on zoonoses affecting poultry meat such as Salmonella and Campylobacter as well as methods for their control on the poultry farm and in the slaughterhouse
  • Summarises advances in understanding and optimising poultry quality traits such as flavour, colour, tenderness, shelf life and nutritional quality
  • Discusses developments in measuring and reducing the environmental impact of poultry production

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What others are saying...

"This is a timely book that provides not only a valuable account of modern food safety management in poultry production and processing, and enhancement of product quality, but also covers the key elements of sustainable production systems for a world now seriously threatened by climate change. With its appropriate international scope, Professor Ricke’s book will make a major contribution to this important subject and become essential reading for all those concerned."
Geoffrey Mead, Emeritus Professor, The Royal Veterinary College, University of London, UK

Table of contents

Part 1 Poultry meat safety
1.Zoonoses affecting poultry: the case of Campylobacter: Tom J. Humphrey and Lisa K Williams, Swansea University, UK;
2.Zoonoses affecting poultry: the case of Salmonella: Sabrina Vandeplas, Adisseo France SAS, France;
3.Safety management on the poultry farm: Jungsoo Joo, University of Maryland, USA; Aishwarya Pradeep Rao,University of Maryland and University of Arizona, USA; and Debabrata Biswas, University of Maryland, USA;
4.The emergence of antibiotic resistance on poultry farms: Issmat I. Kassem, Yosra A. Helmy, Isaac P. Kashoma and Gireesh Rajashekara, The Ohio State University, USA;
5.Alternatives to antibiotics in preventing zoonoses and other pathogens in poultry: Prebiotics and related compounds: S. C. Ricke, University of Arkansas, USA, A.V.S. Perumalla, Kerry, USA and Navam. S. Hettiarachchy, University of Arkansas, USA;
6.Safety management and pathogen monitoring in poultry slaughterhouse operations: the case of the United States: Manpreet Singh and Estefanía Novoa Rama, Purdue University, USA;
7.Inspection techniques for poultry slaughterhouse operations: the case of the European Union: Janne Lundén, University of Helsinki, Finland;
8.Ensuring safety in chilling and freezing of poultry meat: Alma Delia Alarcon-Rojo and Ana Luisa Renteria-Monterrubio, Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua, Mexico;
9.Case studies in food safety control of fresh poultry meat: effective control of Salmonella in Sweden: Ivar Vågsholm, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden;
10.Food safety control on poultry farms: effective control of Campylobacter: Xiang Liu, University of Tennessee, USA, Irene Hanning, Lincoln International Academy, Nicaragua, Sandra Diaz-Sanchez, SaBio IREC, Spain and Jun Lin, University of Tennessee, USA;

Part 2 Poultry meat quality
11.Poultry meat quality: an overview: Michael A. Grashorn, University of Hohenheim, Germany;
12.Enhancing the nutritional quality of poultry meat: Michael S. Lilburn, Ohio State University, USA;
13.Enhancing the flavour of poultry meat: Dinesh D. Jayasena, Uva Wellassa University, Sri Lanka, and Cheorun Jo, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea;
14.The colour of poultry meat: understanding, measuring and maintaining product quality: KiChang Nam, Sunchon National University, Republic of Korea, Eun Joo Lee, University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA and Dong Uk Ahn, Iowa State University, USA;
15.Enhancing texture and tenderness in poultry meat: Iksoon Kang, California Polytechnic State University, USA and Yuan H. Brad Kim, Purdue University, USA
16.Preventing spoilage of poultry meat: Arthur Hinton Jr., U. S. National Poultry Center – USDA-ARS, USA;

Part 3 Sustainability
17.Life cycle assessment (LCA) of intensive poultry production systems: Ilkka Leinonen, Newcastle University, UK;
18.Minimizing the environmental impact of poultry production through improved feed formulation: Hector E. Leyva-Jimenez and Christopher A. Bailey, Texas A&M University, USA;
19.Energy and water use in poultry processing: D. Luján-Rhenals, University of Arkansas Fayetteville, USA and Universidad de Córdoba, Colombia, R. Morawicki, University of Arkansas Fayetteville, USA, E. J. Van Loo, Ghent University, Belgium and S. C. Ricke, University of Arkansas Fayetteville, USA;
20.Waste management and emissions in poultry processing: D. Luján-Rhenals, University of Arkansas Fayetteville, USA and Universidad de Córdoba, Colombia, R. Morawicki, University of Arkansas Fayetteville, USA, E. J. Van Loo, Ghent University, Belgium and S. C. Ricke, University of Arkansas Fayetteville, USA;
21.Organic systems for raising poultry: R. Michael Hulet, Penn State University, USA;
22.Helping smallholders to improve poultry production: Robert Pym, University of Queensland, Australia; and Robyn Alders, University of Sydney, Australia;