Type: Chapter

Wheat pests: introduction, rodents and nematodes


Marion O. Harris

North Dakota State University

J. Jacob

Julius Kuhn Institute

P. R. Brown


Guiping Yan

North Dakota State University

Publication date:

27 June 2017

ID: 9781838793135

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Three major groups of organisms cause biotic stress in wheat: pests, diseases and weeds. This chapter and the chapter that follows are about wheat pests. Three major pest taxa affect wheat: rodents, nematodes and arthropods. Rodents and nematodes are introduced in this first chapter, along with unique features of pests and wheat pest management. Insect and mite arthropod pests are introduced in the second chapter.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Why wheat pests are different from wheat diseases and weeds
3 Features that make wheat pest management different
4 Rodents (discipline – Mammalogy): introduction
5 Rodent case studies: mice and voles
6 Rodent management
7 Nematodes (discipline – Nematology): introduction
8 Nematode case studies
9 Detecting and managing nematode pests
10 Summary of arthropod case studies
11 Where to look for further information
12 Acknowledgements
13 References