Type: Chapter

Welfare of weaned piglets


Arlene Garcia

Texas Tech University

John J. McGlone

Texas Tech University

Publication date:

12 March 2018

ID: 9781838795214

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Demands for improved animal welfare and animal handling systems from governments, non-government organizations and consumers are increasing. The weaning period in pork production has particular potential to positively impact animals. This chapter focuses on current practices that can be detrimental to piglet well-being, improvements to these practices, and advances in technology that could improve animal well-being, profitability and sustainability.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Pre-weaning mortality
3 Weaning stress
4 Painful practices: castration and ear notching/tagging
5 Painful practices: tail docking and teeth clipping/resection
6 Transportation
7 New technologies
8 Conclusion
9 Where to look for further information
10 References