Type: Chapter

Advances in development of potato varieties resistant to abiotic stress


Ankush Prashar

Newcastle University

Filipe de Jesus Colwell

Newcastle University

Csaba Hornyik

The James Hutton Institute

Glenn J. Bryan

The James Hutton Institute

Publication date:

08 August 2018

ID: 9781786763693

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Abiotic stresses namely drought, salinity, high or low temperature, submergence, nutrient deficiency and so forth have an impact on potato yields. These suboptimal conditions restrict potato plant performance so that the plants do not reach their full genetic potential. This chapter examines different abiotic stress improvement targets in the potato as well as the variety of tools and techniques being developed and used for crop improvement for abiotic stresses. The chapter reviews technological advances to develop abiotic stress resistance in potatoes and tolerant varieties, especially through genetic engineering, and looks ahead to future trends in this area.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Abiotic stress improvement targets for potatoes
3 Technological advances to develop abiotic stress resistant/tolerant varieties
4 Future trends and conclusion
5 References