Type: Chapter

Food losses and waste in meats


Salah El-Safty

Ain Shams University (Egypt)

Carlos F. Sosa-Ferreyra

Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro

Publication date:

23 March 2020

ID: 9781786766878

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Poultry, beef, mutton and goat meat remain important components in the human diet, making food losses and waste (FLW) in livestock production a serious issue in terms of food security as well as economic and environmental sustainability. This chapter reviews the extent of FLW affecting meat and the key areas where losses and waste occur. There is a particular focus on poultry and beef and on losses at different stages of the supply chain, from animal production on the farm through to transport, slaughter, distribution through the cold chain and consumption.

Table of contents

1 Introduction 2 On-farm poultry and ruminant meat losses 3 Losses in transport of live animals 4 Postmortem losses 5 Technologies and practices to reduce meat losses and waste 6 Conclusions 7 References