Type: Chapter

Improving methods for developing new microbial biopesticides

Author Susan M. Boyetchko

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Publication date:

23 March 2020

ID: 9781786766977

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This chapter discusses improving methods for developing new microbial biopesticides. It begins by highlighting the role and economics of biopesticides. The chapter moves on to analyse the strategic framework for biopesticide development and provides an overview of the biopesticide development process. The chapter then focuses on microbial exploration and discovery and draws attention to biological characterization and development of biopesticides. A section on fermentation and formulation is also included, focusing on various fermentation methods and a selection of formulations which are useful to biopesticide production. The chapter concludes by providing an overview of the future of biopesticides as an emerging industry and recommendations for future research.

Table of contents

1 Introduction 2 The role of biopesticides 3 The economics of biopesticides 4 Strategic framework for biopesticide development 5 Microbial exploration and discovery 6 Fermentation and formulation 7 Conclusion and future trends 8 References