Type: Chapter

Advances in understanding plant root anatomy and nutrient acquisition


Dimitris Bouranis

Agricultural University of Athens

Styliani N. Chorianopoulou

Agricultural University of Athens

Publication date:

18 January 2021

ID: 9781786769923

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In this chapter root anatomical traits and trait states, and nutrient acquisition mechanisms, along with the environmental issues affecting nutrient acquisition are summarized. Then, the whole range of adaptations of root anatomical traits, and its impact on nutrient acquisition are discussed. Combinations of anatomical traits lead to suggestions of root ideotypes potentially capable of supporting agricultural productivity under different edaphic constraints. Spatiotemporal aerenchyma formation in the various root types of maize under nitrate, phosphate or sulfate deprivation is discussed in a case study.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Root anatomical traits
3 The nutrient acquisition mechanisms
4 Environmental issues affecting nutrient acquisition
5 Adaptations of root anatomical traits
6 Impact of adapted root anatomical traits on nutrient acquisition
7 Case study: root anatomy of maize under nutrient shortage
8 Summary
9 Future trends in research
10 Where to look for further information
11 References