Type: Chapter

Trends in analytical techniques for testing animal feed


Frédéric Debode

Walloon Agricultural Research Center (CRA-W)

J. A. Fernández Pierna

Walloon Agricultural Research Center (CRA-W)

M. C. Lecrenier

Walloon Agricultural Research Center (CRA-W)

P. Veys

Walloon Agricultural Research Center (CRA-W)

O. Fumiere

Walloon Agricultural Research Center (CRA-W)

O. Minet

Walloon Agricultural Research Center (CRA-W)


Publication date:

07 June 2021

ID: 9781801461818

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The challenges for the feed analysis sector will be to ensure feed quality and safety. Innovative strategies need to be implemented to authenticate feed and feed ingredients and to check that they fulfill all labelling obligations. This chapter focusses on the authentication of feed by different but complementary analytical techniques as microscopy, vibrational spectroscopy, genomics and proteomics. For each technique, trends are presented and, in addition, some combinations of technologies are shown in order to find solutions for complex situations. Moreover, with the explosion of data provided by the different technologies, Data Science is gaining importance as well as the interest for fast, mobile and greener technologies.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Microscopy
3 Vibrational spectroscopic techniques
4 Genomic methods
5 Proteomics
6 Multidisciplinary approach
7 Conclusion and future trends
8 Where to look for further information
9 References