Type: Chapter

New uses and processes for cassava


Keith Tomlins

University of Greenwich

Ben Bennett

University of Greenwich

Publication date:

12 July 2017

ID: 9781838790752

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Cassava’s versatility, resilience to climate stress and huge potential for yield increase make it increasingly popular for both food security and industrial applications. This chapter investigates current uses of cassava and considers new processes which might be introduced to promote greater utilisation of cassava. We use the example of High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) in Africa to discuss a framework of enabling factors to help promoters of new technologies achieve sustainability. From this we highlight the key drivers of new uses and processes. Finally, we consider what new opportunities might arise from current research.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Current and developing cassava production and use
3 New products from cassava: the case of High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) in Africa
4 Summary and future trends
5 Conclusion
6 Where to look for further information
7 Acknowledgements
8 References