Type: Chapter

Women and maize cultivation: increasing productivity through gender analysis

Author Cheryl Doss

Yale University

Publication date:

31 July 2016

ID: 9781838791148

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Gender analysis is essential in guiding the design and focus of research to ensure that women participate in and benefit from growth in the maize sector. This chapter begins by situating farmers within households and discussing why the conceptualization of households matters for agricultural research. The following section analyses the ways in which gender impacts agricultural production systems, including access to resources and decisions about inputs. The next three sections offer a detailed analysis of the impact of gender on three vital aspects of maize production: labour, processing and storage and varietal choice. The preferences of women as urban consumers are also considered. Finally, a brief discussion of the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index highlights one tool for monitoring the impact of research and agricultural change on women’s empowerment.

Table of contents

1 Introduction: the importance of considering the impact of gender in maize production
2 Men and women within farming households
3 Men and women in maize production systems
4 Gender divisions in labour and access to labour for maize production
5 Post-harvest processing and storage
6 Crop and varietal choice
7 Women as urban consumers
8 Agricultural research to empower women
9 Conclusions
10 Where to look for further information
11 References