Type: Chapter

Mastitis, milk quality and yield


P. Moroni

Cornell University

F. Welcome

QMPS Cornell University

M. F. Addis

Porto Conte Ricerche

Publication date:

06 June 2017

ID: 9781838791445

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Mastitis is one of the most economically important diseases in dairy production and it is defined as an inflammation of the mammary gland. This chapter examines the impact of clinical and subclinical mastitis in cows on milk quality, and provides a detailed account of indicators of mastitis. In addition, it describes the impact of mastitis on milk composition and quality, addressing its effect on the protein, fat, lactose and iron content of milk. The chapter also examines the impact of mastitis on milk yields and provides suggestions for further reading on this subject.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Indicators of mastitis
3 Impact of mastitis on milk composition
4 Impact of mastitis on dairy product quality
5 Impact of mastitis on milk production yield
6 Conclusion and future trends
7 References