Type: Chapter

Disease management in poultry flocks

Author Peter Groves

University of Sydney

Publication date:

31 August 2017

ID: 9781838792213

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Diseases in intensive poultry flocks may occur due to viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoal, metazoan or arthropod infections or infestations. This chapter describes disease preventative measures, health monitoring and disease investigation techniques, and the management of sick meat chicken flocks. This chapter covers dealing with the emergency of an outbreak of disease in the flock, including hygiene procedures and methods of disposing of dead birds. The chapter examines the challenges inherent in poultry disease control and looks forward to future trends in this area.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Disease investigation techniques
3 Preventative measures
4 Monitoring of poultry health and performance
5 Management of sick birds
6 Emergency disease occurrence
7 Future trends and conclusion
8 Where to look for further information
9 References