Type: Chapter

Conserving banana germplasm through field genebanks

Author Mike Smith


Publication date:

04 October 2018

ID: 9781838793401

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The availability of true-to-type, pest- and disease-free planting material is fundamental to successful banana cultivation. It ensures that crops will not succumb to pathogens introduced at planting. This chapter examines the key issues in the selection, establishment and management of a field germplasm collection, with a focus on how best to provide a reliable source of quality banana planting stock. The chapter discusses characterisation strategies for variety selection and includes a case study of banana cultivation in Queensland, Australia. The chapter addresses the sourcing of material for the germplasm collection and strategies to ensure freedom from pests and disease. Finally, the chapter suggests future trends in research and offers guidance on where to look for further information on the subject.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Objectives of the field genebank
3 Choosing the site
4 Sourcing material
5 Planting
6 Crop management
7 Quality control
8 Dissemination of quality planting stock
9 Case study
10 Future trends and conclusion
11 Where to look for further information
12 Acknowledgements
13 References