Type: Chapter

Improving soil and nutrient management for cacao cultivation


Didier Snoeck


Bernard Dubos


Publication date:

08 August 2018

ID: 9781838793579

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The results of early fertiliser trials on cacao showed that phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) always had positive effects, along with variable effects from calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). The variability of yield responses to nutrients pointed to the need to link the nutrients with each other or with other factors, in particular with soil, climate, and topography. This chapter outlines an approach to nutrition management based on correcting the soil so that the cacao can find the nutrients it needs in optimal quantities and balances. Through two detailed case studies, the chapter discusses the determination of fertiliser formula by physical-chemical analyses of a sample of soil taken from each plot to be corrected. Finally, the chapter looks ahead to future trends in this area and suggests further reading on the subject.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Case study: the need for one formula per plot
3 Case study: homogeneity in diversity
4 Soil diagnosis in practice
5 Future trends and conclusion
6 Where to look for further information
7 References