Type: Chapter

Insect pests affecting cocoa


Leila Bagny Beilhe


Régis Babin


Martijn ten Hoopen


Publication date:

08 August 2018

ID: 9781838793616

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Pests have a major impact on cacao production: estimates of losses due to pest and disease range from 30% to 40%. The use of chemical inputs, for example, pesticides and fertilizers, for pest and disease control and production enhancement, respectively, can have numerous negative impacts on the environment and human health. An integrated and holistic approach is therefore required to enhance and sustain crop production. This chapter presents the main insect pests attacking cacao in each of the three principal production regions: the Americas, Africa and Asia, and provides general information on control measures adopted for each of the main insect pests. The chapter also presents case studies that showcase how research can help to develop more sustainable and environmentally friendly control measures. Finally, the chapter discusses some of the non-traditional areas in which research should focus to overcome the challenges posed by insect pests.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Cacao pests in the Americas and the Caribbean
3 Cacao pests in West Africa
4 Cacao pests in Asia
5 Advances in control of cacao pests: breeding for pest resistance
6 Advances in control of cacao pests: agro-ecological control of pests in cacao-based agroforestry systems
7 Conclusion
8 Future trends
9 Where to look for further information
10 References