Type: Chapter

Advances in understanding pig nutritional requirements and metabolism


R. J. van Barneveld

SunPork Group, Australia

R. J. E. Hewitt

SunPork Group, Australia

D. N. D'Souza

SunPork Group, Australia

Publication date:

18 October 2017

ID: 9781838795054

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Linking advances in our understanding to sustainable production of pig meat requires a more lateral perspective centred on the primary drivers of sustainability. This chapter considers advances in nutritional requirements and metabolism and how these contribute to sustainable production of pig meat, including the need to maintain sow body condition throughout gestation and lactation and ways of reducing variation in pork production systems. The chapter examines strategic use of metabolic modifiers and the importance of matching nutrient requirements to pig diet specifications and optimising gut health and nutrient utilisation capacity. The chapter provides a useful overview of understanding the interaction between nutrition and pig health.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Maintaining sow body condition through gestation and lactation
3 Reducing variation in pig production systems
4 Strategic use of metabolic modifiers
5 Matching nutrient requirements to diet specifications
6 Optimising utilisation of co-products
7 Optimising gut health and nutrient utilisation capacity
8 Understanding nutrition and health interactions
9 Future trends and conclusion
10 Where to look for further information
11 References