Type: Chapter

Advances in conventional soybean breeding techniques


E. E. Large

University of Missouri

E. Beche

University of Missouri

D. Mutoni

University of Missouri

A. Scaboo

University of Missouri

Publication date:

31 May 2018

ID: 9781838795566

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Soybean cultivar selection techniques and advances in variety development continue to evolve. The planning that goes into selecting superior soybean varieties is currently complicated by changing environments, a growing global population and decreasing productive farmland. In this chapter, the most recent developments in modern conventional soybean breeding techniques are described in relation to sustainable soybean production.

Table of contents

1 Introduction: evolution of the modern soybean
2 The rise of genetically engineered soybeans
3 Genetic architecture
4 Germplasm diversity
5 Seed certification and mechanization for plant breeding
6 Minimizing phenotypic variation due to non-genetic factors
7 Field and laboratory phenotyping
8 Breeding to reduce losses from biotic and abiotic stresses
9 Management and analysis of phenotyping data
10 Soybean cultivation in developing countries
11 Case study: the USAID SIL
12 Summary and future trends
13 Where to look for further information
14 References