Type: Chapter

Allergens in soybean

Author Eliot M. Herman

University of Arizona

Publication date:

12 February 2018

ID: 9781838795764

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Soybean protein is one of the most significant sources of food allergens and intolerance, causing both IgE-mediated allergy and food protein-induced endocolitis syndrome (FPIES). This chapter first discusses the mechanisms causing allergies and infantile food intolerance. It reviews what we know about adverse food responses, the gut’s response to food and the individual soybean proteins that elicit an immunological response. The chapter also discusses how to reduce allergens in soybean plants as well as the particular problem of intolerance in salmonids with implications for aquaculture.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Clinical allergies to soybean
3 Infant food allergies and intolerance
4 Soybean IgE-binding proteins
5 Mitigating soybean allergens
6 Soybean intolerance in aquaculture
7 Food allergy, biotechnology and the risk of extrinsic introduced allergens
8 Summary
9 Where to look for further information
10 Acknowledgements and dedication
11 References