Type: Chapter

Integrated pest management of insect, nematode and mite pests of tea

Author Nalini C. Gnanapragasam

Formerly Tea Research Institute

Publication date:

19 February 2018

ID: 9781838797294

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This chapter describes the various strategies that are being implemented in different countries to manage pests of tea using integrated pest management (IPM) programmes to ensure they do not reach economic injury levels. The chapter explores methods of mechanical, biological, cultural and chemical control of insect and nematode pests of tea, and includes a number of detailed case studies describing the application of these methods in IPM programmes.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Detection methods
3 Mechanical control
4 Cultural control: cultivars and planting other crops
5 Cultural control: soil, bush sanitation, nutrient management and escape strategy
6 Biological control: botanicals and semiochemicals
7 Biological control: predators, bacteria and viruses
8 Chemical control
9 IPM programmes on selected perennial pests
10 Conclusion and future trends
11 Acknowledgements
12 References