Type: Chapter

The use of agricultural robots in orchard management


Qin Zhang

Washington State University

Manoj Karkee

Washington State University

Amy Tabb


Publication date:

29 June 2019

ID: 9781838798031

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The use of robotic or automated machines in orchard operations is associated primarily with insufficient labour availability and rapidly increasing labour costs in tree fruit production and is critical for improving yield of high-quality fruit with minimal dependence on seasonal human labour. This chapter provides an overview of robotic technologies for major tree fruit production tasks, including robotic pruning, thinning, spraying, harvesting and fruit transportation. Finally, the chapter looks ahead to future research trends in this area.

Table of contents

1 Introduction 2 Robotic pruning 3 Robotic thinning 4 Robotic spraying 5 Robotic harvesting 6 Robotic fruit transportation 7 Future trends and conclusion 8 Where to look for further information 9 References