Type: Chapter

Advances and challenges in sustainable raspberry/blackberry cultivation


Julie Graham

James Hutton Institute

Alison Karley

James Hutton Institute

Alison Dolan

James Hutton Institute

Dominic Williams

James Hutton Institute

Nikki Jennings

James Hutton Institute

Publication date:

29 June 2019

ID: 9781838798185

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Rubus crops are important for human health and for employment in rural communities. As demand for these berry crops increases at a time of changing climate and consumer awareness of real and/or perceived risks associated with traditional growing practices including inputs, new breeding strategies and cultivation practices are needed. This chapter addresses some of the challenges and solutions to continued sustainable growth, including pest and disease stresses, environmental impacts, effects of climate change and environmental stresses. Finally, the chapter looks ahead to future trends in this area.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Major pest and disease stresses that affect Rubus production
3 Environmental impacts on crop development
4 Effects of climate change on bramble crop management and phenology
5 Environmental stresses
6 Conclusion and future trends
7 References