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Optimising poultry flock health


Dr Sjaak de Wit is Professor of Integrated Poultry Health at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. He is also a Senior Researcher at Royal GD (formerly GD Animal Health), one of the world’s leading organisations for the diagnosis and prevention of livestock diseases, with responsibility for testing systems for poultry diseases. Professor de Wit is Past President of the European College of Poultry Veterinary Science (ECPVS), Junior President and forthcoming President of the World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA) as well as an Associate Editor for Avian Pathology. Professor de Wit is internationally known for his research on viruses affecting poultry.



Publication date:

19 July 2022

Length of book:

360 pages

ISBN-13: 9781786768872

Hardback - £150.00
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Diseases remain a significant burden to poultry production and its future. Whilst it is widely recognised that vaccines have a major role in inducing protection, they can only be considered as part of the solution to this growing problem. Recent research efforts have focussed on developing effective preventative measures that reduce the risk of disease outbreaks in flocks.

Optimising poultry flock health reviews the wealth of recent research on the mechanisms of transmission for infectious diseases, such as Avian Influenza (AI), and how our understanding of this transmission can be used to improve poultry flock health. This collection considers how improved surveillance, testing, diagnostics and nutritional strategies can be used as preventative measures, as well as how bird health can be optimised at the differing stages of production.

Key features

  • Provides an authoritative review on recent research undertaken on understanding the mechanisms of transmission of major poultry diseases (Avian Influenza, Salmonella) 
  • Reviews best practices for preventing and/or controlling disease outbreaks in poultry, including health monitoring, vaccinations and improved biosecurity measures 
  • Considers how bird health can be optimised at multiple stages of production, focussing on chicks, broilers, layers and breeders

What others are saying...

“This impressive collection of chapters from leading international experts has been put together with care and consideration. It moves seamlessly from current knowledge of the major classes of poultry infectious diseases, through discussions on advances in methods for monitoring and prevention of disease, to bespoke considerations of best practice across different stages/parts of commercial production systems. With such breadth and depth, this volume should become a ‘go-to’ manual for anyone with an interest in poultry health."
Professor Fiona Tomley, Royal Veterinary College, UK

"A publication with this outstanding team of authors and high-quality content has been long needed in the field of poultry science. It is both a scientific text and a practitioner manual that will be highly appreciated by scholars, students, poultry industry personnel and anyone interested in the veterinary sciences."
Professor Paulo Eduardo Brandão, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Table of contents

Part 1 Understanding infectious diseases in poultry
1.Advances in understanding poultry viral disease transmission/epidemiology: Alejandro Banda, Mississippi State University, USA;
2.Advances in understanding poultry bacterial disease transmission/epidemiology: Michael Hess, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria;
3.Advances in understanding parasite infections of poultry: Damer Blake, Royal Veterinary College, UK;

Part 2 Preventing diseases in poultry
4.Improving biosecurity in poultry flocks: Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt, University of Montreal, Canada;
5.Nutritional strategies to boost immune response in poultry: Michael Kidd, University of Arkansas, USA;
6.Developments in vaccines to protect poultry against disease: Venugopal Nair, Pirbright Institute, UK;

Part 3 Optimising health at differing stages in poultry production
7.Optimizing chick health in poultry hatchery/incubation facilities: Ron Meijerhof, Poultry Performance Plus, The Netherlands;
8.Optimizing the health of poultry broilers: Edgar Orlando Oviedo-Rondón, North Carolina State University, USA;
9.Optimizing the health of poultry layers: Yuko Sato, Iowa State University, USA;
10.Optimizing the health of poultry breeder birds: Rick van Emous, Wageningen University, The Netherlands;