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Achieving sustainable cultivation of bananas Volume 3 Diseases and pests


Dr André Drenth is Professor in Tropical Plant Pathology and Theme Leader for crop protection in the Centre for Horticultural Science at the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI), at the University of Queensland. He leads several projects on tropical plant diseases and he initiated and led a national Banana Plant Protection Programme set up to protect Australia’s banana industry from the impact of a range of pests and diseases. Dr Gert Kema is Professor of Tropical Plant Pathology at the Laboratory for Phytopathology of Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands. He leads several international banana research programs, including interdisciplinary research projects and public-private-partnerships focusing on Panama disease and black Sigatoka. He is a cofounder of several spin-off companies focusing on banana improvement, disease management and bioprocessing.



Publication date:

Q1 2024

Length of book:

480 pages

ISBN-13: 9781786769817

Hardback - £170.00
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Bananas are a key food source for millions, whilst their production supports the livelihood of farmers across the globe. However, recent research has identified the vulnerability of particular banana varieties to major pests and diseases, such as the threat of Tropical Race 4 (Panama disease) to the Cavendish variety.

With the banana industry under threat of extinction, more research is required into understanding the biology of the pests and diseases that pose this threat so that more effective management strategies can be developed and the risk of future outbreaks reduced.

Achieving sustainable cultivation of bananas Volume 3: Diseases and pests provides a comprehensive review of the major pests and diseases affecting global banana production including Tropical Race 4, black Sigatoka, banana streak virus, root knot nematodes, weevil borer and thrips. The collection explores existing methods for pest/disease diagnosis and identification, as well as current management strategies used to control and/or prevent outbreaks, such as cultural, chemical and biological control methods, the development of disease resistant cultivars and integrated pest and disease management.

Key features

  • Provides a comprehensive analysis of the major pests and diseases affecting global banana production, including their impact and occurrence, as well as the modes of disease transmission and distribution 
  • Addresses the economic impact of individual pests and diseases on farm profit margins and provides examples of the quantified impacts of losses per ha and whole farm/plantation 
  • Reviews current management strategies available to banana growers and producers to control and/or prevent future outbreaks of pests and disease

What others are saying...

"The current range of disease and pest threats means that Volume 3 of Achieving sustainable cultivation of bananas covering a wide array of pathogens and pests is urgently needed. The two editors of this volume, Professor André Drenth of The University of Queensland in Australia and Professor Gert Kema of Wageningen University in The Netherlands, are highly knowledgeable specialists with extensive experience in pest and disease management of bananas. They have selected similarly knowledgeable scientists writing the individual chapters. The book is comprehensive and of excellent quality. It will be useful for both students and researchers, as well as banana production practitioners." (Dr Ariena van Bruggen - Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology and Emerging Pathogens, University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, USA)

"The book Achieving sustainable cultivation of bananas – Volume 3: Diseases and pest edited by distinguished plant pathologists, Professor Andre Drenth of the University of Queensland and Professor Gert Kema of Wageningen University, takes a comprehensive look into the abiotic and biotic threats to sustainable banana production. The editors have brought together an international team of scientists to discuss the endemic and emerging pest and disease threats to banana including Panama disease. This book will become a valuable resource for the improved management of all banana diseases." (Dr. Jean Beagle Ristaino, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor and Director of Emerging Plant Disease and Global Food Security, North Carolina State University, USA)

Table of contents

Part 1 Fungal diseases

  • 1.Major banana leaf diseases: yellow and black Sigatoka, eumusa leaf spot: Jean Carlier, CIRAD, France;
  • 2.Towards sustainable management of banana leaf disease: Gert Kema, Wageningen University, The Netherlands;
  • 3.Fungal diseases of banana: freckle: André Drenth, The University of Queensland, Australia;
  • 4.Fungal diseases of banana: Fusarium wilt R1: Einar Martinez, Wageningen University, The Netherlands;
  • 5.Fungal diseases of banana: Fusarium wilt TR4: Gert Kema, Wageningen University, The Netherlands;
  • 6.Towards sustainable management of Fusarium wilt in banana: André Drenth, The University of Queensland, Australia;
  • 7.Minor fungal diseases of banana: Speckle, Rust (Uredo musae), Black Cross (Pyllachora musicola), Marasmiellus rot, Cigar end (Verticillium Theobroma), Anthracnose: Luis Ernesto Pocasangre, EARTH University, Costa Rica;

Part 2 Bacterial and Phytoplasma diseases

  • 8.Bacterial diseases of banana: Moko: Mauricio Guzmán, Corbana, Costa Rica;
  • 9.Bacterial diseases of banana: banana blood disease: Jane Ray, The University of Queensland, Australia;
  • 10.Bacterial diseases of banana: Xanthomonas wilt: Guy Blomme, Bioversity, Italy;
  • 11.Bacterial soft rots of pseudostem and rhizome in banana and plantain: Luis Pérez-Vicente, INISAV, Cuba;
  • 12.Phytoplasma diseases in banana: banana wilt associated phytoplasma (BWAP) and emerging phytoplasmas: Lilia Carvalhais, The University of Queensland, Australia;

Part 3 Viral diseases

  • 13.Viral diseases of banana: banana bunchy top virus: John Thomas, The University of Queensland, Australia;
  • 14.Viral diseases of banana: banana streak virus: Andrew Geering, The University of Queensland, Australia;
  • 15.Emerging banana viruses: banana mild mosaic virus, bract mosaic virus, banana mosaic virus, novel banana viruses: Andrew Geering, The University of Queensland, Australia;

Part 4 Nematode pests of banana

  • 16.Nematodes of banana: Mieke Daneel, Agricultural Research Council (ARC), South Africa;
  • 17.Towards sustainable management of nematodes in banana: Tony Pattison, DAF - Queensland, Australia;

Part 5 Insect pests of banana

  • 18.Insect pests of banana: weevil borer: Cesar Guillen Sanchez, Corbana, Costa Rica;
  • 19.Insect pests of banana: banana Red Rust thrips: Frans Wielemaker Sanderse, Consultant (formerly Director of Research at Dole Fresh Fruit International), Costa Rica;
  • 20.Insect pests of banana: common bunch pests and their sustainable management: Luud Clercx, Project Manager – AgroFair Benelux BV, The Netherlands;

Part 6 Diseases affecting the fruit

  • 21.Management of diseases on banana fruit in the field: Marc Jackson, Global Fruit Protection, Australia;
  • 22.Post-harvest diseases in banana and their sustainable management: Maria Gloria Lobo, Instituto Canario de Investigaciones Agrarias, Spain;