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Understanding and minimising fungicide resistance


Dr Francisco Lopez-Ruiz leads the Fungicide Resistance Group at the Centre for Crop and Disease Management (CCDM). Based in the School of Molecular and Life Sciences at Curtin University, Australia, the Fungicide Resistance Group has made major contributions towards the management of fungicide resistance in several key cereal pathogens. Dr Lopez-Ruiz has published widely on the mechanisms of fungicide resistance and its detection.



Publication date:

Q3 2023

Length of book:

400 pages

ISBN-13: 9781801461986

Hardback - £150.00
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The emergence of fungicide resistance is a major challenge facing agriculture. With increasing regulation and costs limiting the development of new fungicides, farmers remain reliant on a relatively small group of working fungicides, many of which are decreasingly effective as major crop disease pathogens develop resistance to them.

Understanding and minimising fungicide resistance provides an authoritative review on the wealth of research on understanding the development of fungicide resistance in agricultural crops and the establishment of preventative measures which can be implemented to limit its spread and the consequent impact of disease on yields. This collection includes ways of understanding and preventing resistance to key groups of fungicides, such as SBI, Qol, SDHI, OSPBI and multisite inhibitor fungicides.

Key features

  • Reviews good practices for minimising the development of fungicide resistance in crop cultivation 
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of our current understanding of resistance to the key groups of fungicides used across agriculture 
  • Considers trends in the development of resistance in key staple crops and advances in techniques to predict future patterns in resistance development

What others are saying...

“This new book provides a comprehensive coverage of the issue of fungicide resistance in agriculture. The content of the chapters in Part one is well supported by the inclusion of several case studies – written by representatives from the scientific community and the chemical industry – in Part two which detail recent advances in understanding resistance to key groups of fungicides. Edited by a leading name in the field and featuring contributions from a very impressive list of international experts, the volume promises to be an excellent reference for the future management of fungicide resistance.”(Lise Nistrup Jørgensen, Senior Scientist, Aarhus University, Denmark)

Table of contents

  • Part 1 Understanding and managing resistance
  • 1. How pathogens develop resistance to fungicides: an overview: Richard Oliver, formerly Curtin University, Australia;
  • 2. Understanding fungicide resistance mutation in pathogens: Laetitia Chartrain, John Innes Centre, UK;
  • 3. Tracking the development of fungicide resistance/resistance evolution: Francisco J. Lopez Ruiz, Curtin University, Australia;
  • 4. Modelling fungicide resistance: Frank van den Bosch, University of Salford, UK;
  • 5. Fungicide resistance risk assessment: Mike Grimmer, ADAS, UK;
  • 6. Good practice in minimising the development of fungicide resistance in crop cultivation: Neil Paveley, ADAS, UK;
  • 7. Evolutionary biology of fungicide resistance: fundamental questions and practical implications Nichola Hawkins, NIAB, UK;
  • 8. The role of extension in the management of fungicide resistance: Guido Schnabel, Clemson University, USA;
  • 9.Key challenges in developing new fungicides: Greg Kemmitt, Corteva, UK;

  • Part 2 Case studies: resistance in key groups of fungicides
  • 10.Understanding resistance to SBI fungicides: Andreas Mehl, Bayer, Germany;
  • 11.Understanding resistance to Qol fungicides: Helge Sierotzki, Syngenta, Switzerland;
  • 12.Understanding resistance to SDHI fungicides: George Karaoglanidis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece;
  • 13.Understanding resistance to AP fungicides: Chang-Lin Xiao, USDA-ARS, USA;
  • 14.Understanding resistance to OSBPI fungicides: Jean-Luc Genet, Corteva, France;
  • 15.The role of multisite inhibitor fungicides in the management of resistance: Jürgen Derpmann, Bayer, Germany;