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Achieving sustainable production of eggs Volume 1 Safety and quality


Dr Julie Roberts is Associate Professor in the School of Environmental and Rural Science at the University of New England, Australia. She is internationally-renowned for her research on egg production, particularly egg shell quality. She has been awarded the Australian Poultry Award for her outstanding contribution to poultry science.



Publication date:

21 March 2017

Length of book:

430 pages

ISBN-13: 9781786760760

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World egg consumption is increasing, particularly in developing countries. This creates new challenges, particularly for more intensive systems which have played a major role in increasing production and productivity. Intensive systems face a continuing threat from zoonoses. At the same time, consumer expectations about both safety, sensory and nutritional quality have never been higher. There is also increasing concern about the environmental impact of and animal welfare issues in egg production.

Drawing on an international range of expertise, this book reviews key research addressing these issues. Part 1 looks at developments in understanding of egg composition and chemistry. The book then reviews pathogens in eggs, including methods of transmission and techniques to prevent or remove contamination. The final part of the book reviews advances in understanding, measuring and enhancing the sensory and nutritional quality of eggs.

Achieving sustainable production of eggs Volume 1: Safety and quality will be a standard reference for poultry and food scientists in universities, government and other research centres and companies involved in egg production. It is accompanied by Volume 2 which reviews animal welfare and sustainability issues.

Key features

  • Reviews latest research on composition and properties of egg shell, white and yolk; 
  • Summarises recent studies on pathogens affecting eggs and methods for their control such as washing and packaging; 
  • Discusses current findings on factors affecting quality attributes such as appearance, shelf-life and nutritional value

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What others are saying...

"The proposed content of the book is excellent - an outstanding and comprehensive compilation of current knowledge by the world's foremost experts, on a topic that is highly relevant. This will be a must-have reference resource for egg producers, poultry scientists, food scientists, government regulatory agencies, and students. Congratulations - this is a major scholarly contribution to your colleagues and peers everywhere."
Emeritus Professor Robert F. Wideman, Center of Excellence for Poultry Science, University of Arkansas, USA

Table of contents

Part 1 Egg composition and chemistry
1.Composition and properties of eggshell: Maureen Bain, University of Glasgow, UK
2.Composition and properties of egg white: Kaustav Majumder, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA and Yoshinori Mine, University of Guelph, Canada
3.The nutritional and physiological functions of egg yolk components: Yasumi Horimoto, University of Guelph, Canada and Hajime Hatta, Kyoto Women’s University, Japan

Part 2 Safety
4.Pathogens affecting table eggs: Kapil Chousalker, University of Adelaide, Australia and Kylie Hewson, Australian Chicken Meat Federation, Australia
5.Mechanisms for transmissions of pathogens into eggs: Sophie Jan and Florence Baron, Agrocampus Ouest-INRA, France
6.Sampling and detection of Salmonella in eggs: Richard K. Gast, United States Department of Agriculture, USA
7.Understanding the natural antibacterial defences of egg white and their regulation: Nicolas Guyot, Sophie Réhault-Godbert, Yves Nys, INRA, France; and Florence Baron, INRA – Agrocampus Ouest, France
8.The effects of laying hen housing systems on egg safety and quality: Deana R. Jones, US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, USA
9.Egg washing to ensure product safety: Margaret Sexton, Primary Industries and Regions, South Australia (PIRSA), Australia
10. New developments in packaging of eggs to improve safety and quality: Pietro Rocculi, University of Bologna, Italy

Part 3 Sensory and nutritional quality
11.Egg quality: consumer preferences and measurement techniques: Bart De Ketelaere, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium; Koen De Reu, Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO), Belgium; and Steven Vermeir, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
12.Determinants of egg appearance and colour: C. Hamelin, CCPA, France and F. Cisneros, DSM, Switzerland
13. Understanding and improving the shelf-life of eggs: Juliet R. Roberts, University of New England, Australia
14.The nutritional role of eggs: Tia M. Rains and Mitch Kanter, Egg Nutrition Centre, USA
15.Nutraceutical benefits of eggs: Hoon H. Sunwoo and Naiyana Gujral, University of Alberta, Canada
16.Enhancing the nutritional profile of eggs: Erin M. Goldberg and Neijat Mohamed, University of Manitoba, Canada and James D. House, University of Manitoba and the Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine, Canada
17.Molecular breeding techniques to improve egg quality: Anna Wolc, Iowa State University, and Hy-Line International, USA and Janet E. Fulton, Hy-line International, USA