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Achieving sustainable urban agriculture


Dr Wiskerke is Professor of Rural Sociology at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. He was founding Editor of the journal Urban Agriculture and Regional Food Systems and guest editor of the special issue ‘City Region Foodscapes’ of the journal Sustainability. He has coordinated a series of major EU projects on urban and peri-urban agriculture and food provisioning such as ‘FOODLINKS’, ‘PUREFOOD’ and ‘SUPURBFOOD’. Since 2017 he is coordinator of the EU-funded project ROBUST, which focuses on urban-rural relations and synergies. He has written widely on these topics and other aspects of food provisioning and rural development.

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Publication date:

21 January 2020

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320 pages

ISBN-13: 9781786763167

Hardback - £150.00
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This collection reviews key recent research on developing urban and per-urban agriculture.

Chapters first discuss ways of building urban agriculture, from planning and business models to building social networks to support local supply chains. Other chapters survey developments in key technologies for urban agriculture, including rooftop systems and vertical farming. The book also assesses challenges and improvements in irrigation, waste management, composting/soil nutrition and pest management. The final group of chapters provides a series of case studies on urban farming of particular commodities, including horticultural produce, livestock and forestry.

Key features

  • Strong focus on infrastructural requirements for successful urban agriculture, such as public policy and planning frameworks, business models and social networks
  • Covers developments in key technologies such as rooftop and vertical farming, irrigation and waste management
  • Includes case studies of particular commodities, including horticultural produce, livestock and forestry

What others are saying...

"Prof Wiskerke has drawn together a group of leading authors on urban agriculture in the global north to contribute to what promises to be a leading text on sustainable urban agriculture. Its balance of chapters on governance, technical aspects and case studies will provide a comprehensive source for researchers and policy makers."
Dr Jane Battersby, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Table of contents

Part 1 Building urban agriculture networks
1.Creating a public policy framework to support urban agriculture: Han Wiskerke, Wageningen University, The Netherlands;
2.Planning and design for urban agriculture: Nevin Cohen, City University of New York (CUNY), USA;
3.Building communities/social networks for urban agriculture: Alison Blay-Palmer, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada;
4.Building continuous productive (peri-) urban landscapes: Andre Viljoen, Brighton University, UK;
5.Building natural resource networks: urban agriculture and the circular economy: Stefano Pascucci, Exeter University, UK;

Part 2 Technologies for urban agriculture
6.Rooftop systems for urban agriculture: Francesco Orsini, University of Bologna, Italy;
7.Vertical farming systems for urban agriculture: Dickson Despommier, Columbia University, USA;
8.Waste management for urban agriculture: Rosanne Wielemaker, Wageningen University, The Netherlands;
9.Pest management for urban agriculture: Giovanni Bazzocchi, University of Bologna, Italy;

Part 3 Case studies
10.Optimising horticulture for urban agriculture: Beatrix Alsanius, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweden;
11.Optimising livestock production in urban agriculture: Delia Grace, International Livestock Research Institute (IRLI), Kenya;
12.Optimising aquaculture/aquaponics in urban agriculture: developing rooftop water farms: Anja Steglich, Grit Bürgow and Angela Million, Technical University of Berlin, Germany;
13.Optimising beekeeping in urban agriculture: Erik Stange, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Norway;
14.Optimising urban forestry: Cecil Konijnendijk, University of British Columbia, Canada;