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Advances in postharvest management of cereals and grains


Dr Dirk E. Maier is a Professor and Postharvest Engineer at Iowa State University, USA. Professor Maier is the Founding Director of the Consortium for Innovation in Post-Harvest Loss and Food Waste Reduction. He leads this global innovation partnership aimed at sustainably providing safe and nutritious food for a growing world population. Professor Maier has received a number of awards, guided many students and scholars in their research, and published widely on postharvest management of cereals, with a particular focus on quality preservation and loss prevention and reduction.



Publication date:

25 August 2020

Length of book:

300 pages

ISBN-13: 9781786763525

Hardback - £150.00
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Post-harvest losses of cereals and other grains, whether from spoilage microorganisms or insect pests, remain a significant issue in both the developed and developing world. Challenges include restrictions on chemicals for decontamination and increasing levels of insect resistance.

Advances in postharvest management of cereals and grains provides a comprehensive review of the latest research on the causes of postharvest cereal losses, as well as the key research on the detection and control of fungal contaminants. This collection includes authoritative discussions led by leading experts on the viability of different technologies implemented to control postharvest losses, such as fumigation, biopesticides, controlled atmospheres and control of fungal contamination.

Key features

  • Reviews latest research on causes of cereal postharvest losses 
  • Comprehensive review of the strengths and weakness of different technologies to control postharvest insect pests of cereals 
  • Covers latest research on the detection and control of fungal contaminants

What others are saying...

"Cutting world-wide food-grain spoilage by half can provide food stocks for over a billion malnourished people. This authoritative handbook, edited by leading international grain engineering scientist, Professor Dirk E. Maier, outlines and illustrates how to minimize/eliminate post-harvest spoilage losses. With contributions by leading international authorities, it highlights the causes and provides the needed science and technology to prevent postharvest spoilage losses. It will be a standard text for educating future post-harvest grain scientists and technicians and fills a critical information gap."
Emeritus Prof. Ronald T. Noyes, Oklahoma State University, USA; Fellow of the American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers; President of Grain Storage Engineering LLC

Table of contents

Part 1 Postharvest losses and their causes
1.Post-harvest losses of cereals and other grains: key issues and challenges: Steve Sonka, University of Illinois, USA;
2.Advances in understanding fungal contamination of cereals: Kizito Nishimwe, Iowa State University, USA;
3.Advances in understanding postharvest insect pests affecting cereal grains: Paul Ebert, University of Queensland, Australia;
4.Advances in understanding rodent pests affecting cereal grains: Peter Brown, CSIRO, Australia;

Part 2 Storage technologies
5.Advances in bulk storage of cereal grains: Dirk Maier, Iowa State University, USA;
6.Developments in the use of hermetic bags for grain storage: Dieudonne Baributsa, Purdue University, USA; and Ma Cristine Concepcion Ignacio, Iowa State University, USA and University of the Philippines Los Baños, The Philippines;
7.Advances in insect pest management in postharvest storage of cereals: detection and monitoring: Paul Fields, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada;
8.Advances in insect pest management in postharvest storage of cereals: use of controlled atmosphere/temperature control: Shlomo Navarro, formerly ARO, Israel;
9.Biologically-based control strategies for managing stored-product insect pests: Benjamin Fűrstenau, Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants, Germany;
10.Advances in insect pest management in postharvest storage of cereals: novel techniques: Peter Follett, USDA-ARS, USA;
11.Advances in postharvest detection and control of fungal contamination of cereals: Naresh Magan, Cranfield University, USA;
12.Advances in techniques for monitoring the quality of stored cereal grains: Roger G. Aby and Dirk E. Maier, Iowa State University, USA;
13.Supporting smallholders in the developing world improve postharvest management of cereal grains: Brighton Mvumi, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe;