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Achieving sustainable management of tropical forests


Dr Jürgen Blaser is Professor of International Forestry and Climate Change at Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland. Professor Blaser is a former Chair of the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO) and former Senior Forestry Advisor at the World Bank. Pat Hardcastle is an internationally-respected Forestry Development Specialist with over 35 years’ experience of forestry development and management. Pat has worked with organisations such as the ITTO, World Bank and the FAO.



Publication date:

27 October 2020

Length of book:

500 pages

ISBN-13: 9781786762481

Hardback - £190.00
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Although global rates of deforestation have started to decrease, they remain alarmingly high in many tropical countries. In light of this challenge, the growing importance of sustainable forest management (SFM) has been highlighted as a means for improving sustainability across the sector.

Achieving sustainable management of tropical forests summarises and reviews the rich body of research on tropical forests and how this research can be utilised to make sustainable management of tropical forests a standard implementable strategy for the future. The book features expert discussions on the economic, political and environmental contexts needed for SFM to operate successfully, including coverage of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With its distinguished editors and international array of expert authors, Achieving sustainable management of tropical forests will be a standard reference for researchers in tropical forest science, international and national organisations responsible for protection and responsible stewardship of tropical forests, as well as the commercial sector harvesting and using tropical forest products.

Key features

  • Explores the broader economic, political and environmental context in which management of tropical forests needs to operate 
  • Particular focus on management structures and techniques to achieve sustainable forest management (SFM) on the ground 
  • Includes case studies of practical experience of managing tropical forests in South America, West Africa and Southeast Asia

What others are saying...

"The editors have made a valuable contribution to the literature by documenting the experience of field-based practitioners on a subject that suffers from too much abstraction and theory. The future of tropical forests requires that the knowledge of the authors of this book is widely shared and applied by future generations of foresters. This book should be required reading for professional forestry graduates."
Dr Jeff Sayer, Professor of Tropical Forest Conservation, University of British Columbia, Canada

Table of contents

Part 1 Challenges faced by tropical forests
1.Understanding tropical forest ecology: Alice Muchugi, Kenyatta University, Kenya;
2.Global trade flows, land use and tropical forests: Duncan Brack, Associate Fellow - Chatham House, UK;
3.Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and tropical forests: Wil de Jong, Kyoto University, Japan;
4.National governance and tropical forests: Mafa Chipeta, African Forest Forum (AFF), Malawi;
5.Climate change and tropical forests: Rod Keenan, University of Melbourne, Australia;

Part 2 Ecosystem services provided by tropical forests
6.New types of product from tropical wood: Jegatheswaran Ratnasingam, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia;
7.Non-timber forest products from tropical forests: Alida O’Connor, University of British Columbia, Canada; and Terry C. H. Sunderland, University of British Columbia, Canada and Centre for International Forestry Research, Indonesia;
8.Ecosystem services delivered by tropical forests – carbon sequestration and watershed management: Oliver Gardi, University of Bern, Switzerland;
9.Ecosystem services delivered by tropical forests – biodiversity of flora/fauna: Beth Kaplin, Antioch University, USA;
10.Ecosystem services delivered by tropical forests – recreation and amenity: Gamini Herath, La Trobe University, Australia;

Part 3 Management structures to support sustainable forest management (SFM)
11.Defining sustainable forest management (SFM) of tropical forests: Francis Putz, University of Florida, USA;
12.Improving operating standards in sustainable forest management of tropical forests in Africa: Paxie W. Chirwa, University of Pretoria, South Africa; Oghenekevwe Arabomen, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Nigeria; Stephen Syampungani, Copperbelt University, Zambia; and Vincent O. Oeba, African Forest Forum, Kenya;
13.Role of certification and verification schemes in sustainable forest management (SFM) of tropical forests: Jim Sandom;
14.Tenure and management rights in tropical forests: Andy White, Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), USA;
15.Community based forest management (CBFM) of tropical forests: John Herbohn, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia;

Part 4 Monitoring and management techniques in sustainable forest management (SFM)
16.New techniques for mapping tropical forests: Michael Köhl, University of Hamburg, Germany;
17.Advances in monitoring emissions from tropical forests: Till Neef, Consultant, Italy;
18.Understanding and exploiting genetics of tropical tree species for restoration of tropical forests: Reiner Finkeldey, Georg-August University of Gottingen, Germany;
19.Pest monitoring and integrated pest management in tropical forests: Steve Woodward, University of Aberdeen, UK;
20.The role of agroforestry in sustainable forest management (SFM) of tropical forests: Lindsey Norgrove, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland;

Part 5 SFM of different types of tropical forest
21.Tropical forest landscape restoration: Stephanie Mansourian, Consultant – Environment and Development at Mansourian.org/University of Geneva/IUFRO, Switzerland;
22.Sustainable forest management (SFM) of plantation tropical forests: Jonathan C. Onyekwelu, Federal University of Technology, Nigeria;
23.Sustainable forest management (SFM) of tropical moist forests: the Congo Basin: Paolo Omar Cerutti and Robert Nasi, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Kenya and Indonesia;
24.Sustainable forest management (SFM) of tropical moist forests: the Amazon basin: Edson Vidal, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil;
25.Sustainable forest management (SFM) of tropical dry forests: Godwin Kowero, African Forest Forum/ICRAF, Kenya;

Part 6 The Future
26.Achieving sustainable management of tropical forests: overview and conclusions: Jürgen Blaser, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland; Patrick Hardcastle, Forestry Development Specialist, UK; and Gillian Petrokofsky, University of Oxford, UK;