Type: Book

Instant Insights: Optimising quality attributes in poultry products


Dr Ranjith Ramanathan



Publication date:

19 December 2023

Length of book:

124 pages

ISBN-13: 9781801466493

Paperback - £37.99
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This collection features six peer-reviewed reviews on optimising key quality attributes in poultry products.

The first chapter considers recent research on enhancing the nutritional quality of poultry meat, focussing primarily on increasing the meat’s polyunsaturated fat content.

The second chapter describes different mechanisms and chemical compounds responsible for poultry meat flavour and off-flavour development. The chapter also reviews how these compounds can be manipulated to enhance flavour.

The third chapter provides a comprehensive overview of 20 years’ worth of research on understanding the genetics and genomics of meat quality traits in poultry species.

The fourth chapter reviews the main factors affecting poultry meat colour and includes a case study to demonstrate how packaging can influence poultry meat colour and lipid oxidation.

The fifth chapter addresses the role and influence of egg appearance and colour on consumer preferences and purchasing decisions, focussing on the shell, albumen and yolk.

The final chapter reviews the use of molecular breeding techniques to improve internal and external egg quality, including whole-genome methods, such as genome-wide association studies and genomic selection.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 - Enhancing the nutritional quality of poultry meat: Michael S. Lilburn, Ohio State University, USA;
    • 1 Introduction
    • 2 Selection for growth and feed efficiency
    • 3 Understanding lipid metabolism and carcass lipid deposition
    • 4 Nutritional enrichment of poultry meat to increase polyunsaturated fat content
    • 5 Reducing tissue lipid oxidation
    • 6 Summary
    • 7 Where to look for further information
    • 8 References
  • Chapter 2 - Enhancing the flavour of poultry meat: Dinesh D. Jayasena, Uva Wellassa University, Sri Lanka; and Cheorun Jo, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea;
    • 1 Introduction
    • 2 The chemistry of poultry meat flavour
    • 3 Flavour precursors of poultry meat
    • 4 Factors influencing the formation of flavour and off-flavour in poultry meat
    • 5 Strategies for preserving or enhancing the flavour of poultry meat
    • 6 Summary
    • 7 Where to look for further information
    • 8 References
  • Chapter 3 - Genetics and genomics of meat quality traits in poultry species: Elisabeth Le Bihan-Duval, INRAE Val-de-Loire, Université de Tours, France; Nabeel Alnahhas, INRAE Val-de-Loire, Université de Tours and SYSAAF, France; Eva Pampouille, INRAE Val-de- Loire, Université de Tours and ITAVI, France; Cécile Berri, INRAE Val-de-Loire, Université de Tours, France; and Behnam Abasht, University of Delaware, USA;
    • 1 Introduction
    • 2 Genetic control of meat quality
    • 3 Genetic architecture of meat quality traits and candidate genes
    • 4 Input of omics studies for better meat quality characterization
    • 5 Conclusion
    • 6 Where to look for further information
    • 7 References
  • Chapter 4 - Advances in understanding color development in poultry meat: Ranjith Ramanathan and Frank Kiyimba, Oklahoma State University, USA; Surendranath Suman, University of Kentucky, USA; and Gretchen Mafi, Oklahoma State University, USA;
    • 1 Introduction
    • 2 Myoglobin forms and poultry meat color
    • 3 Myoglobin primary structure and oxidation properties
    • 4 Biochemical factors affecting poultry meat color
    • 5 Application of metabolomics and proteomics in poultry color research
    • 6 Cooked poultry meat color
    • 7 Postharvest practices to improve meat color
    • 8 Case study 1: Impact of packaging on ground chicken color
    • 9 Case study 2: Molecular mechanisms regulating poultry color characteristics
    • 10 Tools to assess poultry quality
    • 11 Conclusion and future trends
    • 12 Where to look for further information
    • 13 References
  • Chapter 5 - Determinants of egg appearance and colour: C. Hamelin, CCPA, France and F. Cisneros, DSM, Switzerland;
    • 1 Introduction
    • 2 Consumer purchasing decisions: choosing to eat eggs and choosing which eggs to eat
    • 3 The shell
    • 4 The albumen
    • 5 The yolk
    • 6 Conclusion
    • 7 Where to look for further information
    • 8 References
  • Chapter 6 - Molecular breeding techniques to improve egg quality: Anna Wolc, Iowa State University, and Hy-Line International, USA; and Janet E. Fulton, Hy-line International, USA;
    • 1 Introduction
    • 2 Whole-genome methods to improve egg quality
    • 3 Improving external egg quality
    • 4 Improving internal egg quality
    • 5 Genomic selection
    • 6 Targeting candidate genes for particular traits
    • 7 Gene expression and regulation
    • 8 Summary and future trends
    • 9 Where to look for further information
    • 10 References