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Advances in postharvest management of horticultural produce


Professor Chris Watkins is Herman H. Cohn Professor of Horticulture and Associate Dean at Cornell University and Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension. An internationally-renowned expert on postharvest physiology, and a Fellow of the American Society for Horticultural Science. He is the current Chair of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) Division for Postharvest and Quality Assurance, and a member of the editorial board of the journal Postharvest Biology and Technology.



Publication date:

21 January 2020

Length of book:

464 pages

ISBN-13: 9781786762887

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This book reviews key advances in preservation techniques for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Part 1 summarises developments and improvements in preservation technologies such as cooling, controlled atmosphere storage, modified atmosphere and active packaging as well as barrier coatings. The focus of Part 2 is on post-harvest safety management and disinfection. Chapters cover current research on mechanisms of pathogen contamination of fresh produce, as well as improvements in sanitising regimes and disinfection techniques using heat, irradiation and plasma, ozone and natural antimicrobials. The final part of the book surveys advances in monitoring postharvest quality of fresh produce and smart distribution systems to maintain the quality of horticultural produce.

What others are saying...

"Much is talked about food loss and waste but little is being done given the scale of the problem. Through experts in the field, this book provides insights into the management practices and latest technologies available. A great effort and many congratulations."
Prof Leon A. Terry, Cranfield University, UK

Table of contents

Part 1 Preservation techniques
1.Advances in cooling technologies to preserve horticultural produce: J. R. Olatunji and A. R. East, Massey University, New Zealand;
2.Advances in controlled atmosphere storage of horticultural produce: John DeLong, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada; and Robert Prange, Dalhousie University, Canada;
3.Advances in modified atmosphere and active packaging of horticultural produce: Jeffrey S. Brandenburg, The JSB Group LLC, USA;
4.Advances in the use of barrier coatings and additives in the preservation of fresh horticultural produce: Elizabeth A. Baldwin, formerly USDA-ARS, USA; and Jeffrey K. Brecht,University of Florida, USA;

Part 2 Safety management and disinfection techniques
5.Post-harvest risk management of biological hazards encountered in horticultural produce: Keith Warriner and Mahdiyeh Hasani, University of Guelph, Canada;
6.Advances in understanding pathogens contaminating horticultural produce: P. Truchado, A. Allende and M. I. Gil, CEBAS-CSIC, Spain;
7.Advances in postharvest sanitizing regimes for horticultural produce: Joshua B. Gurtler, Xuetong Fan, Tony Jin and Brendan A. Niemira, USDA-ARS, USA;
8.Advances in using heat for disinfection/disinfestation of horticultural produce: Elazar Fallik and Susan Lurie, Agricultural Research Organization – Volcani Center (ARO), Israel; and Lisa Jamieson and Allan Woolf, The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited, New Zealand;
9.Advances in the use of irradiation for the market access of fresh horticultural produce: John Golding and Sukhvinder Pal Singh, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries and University of Newcastle, Australia;
10.Advances in the potential use of non-thermal plasma in postharvest treatment of fresh horticultural produce: Sukhvinder Pal Singh and John Golding, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries and University of Newcastle, Australia;
11.Advances in the use of ozone in the disinfection of horticultural produce: Marcin Glowacz, Natural Resources Institute (NRI) – University of Greenwich, UK;
12.Advances in the use of biological control agents in the disinfection of horticultural produce: Samir Droby, Agricultural Research Organization – Volcani Center (ARO), Israel; Michael Wisniewski, USDA-ARS, USA; and Davide Spadaro, University of Torino, Italy;

Part 3 Monitoring and management
13.Monitoring postharvest attributes: instrumental techniques for measuring harvest maturity/fruit quality: Kerry B. Walsh and Nicholas T. Anderson, Central Queensland University, Australia;
14.Postharvest handling of organically produced specialty crops: Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Chris Gunter and Marlee Trandel, North Carolina State University, USA;
15.Smart distribution to maintain shelf life of horticultural produce: J. K. Brecht, University of Florida, USA; I. Uysal and M. C. N. Nunes, University of South Florida, USA; J. P. Emond, The Illuminate Group, USA; S. Mercier, Décathlon Canada, Canada; and U. McCarthy, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland;